Align Sales and Marketing To Win
The Business Of The Modern B2B Buyer




“The modern b2b buyer is demanding a seamless and friction-less buying experience that can only be accomplished when Sales and Marketing are fully aligned.” -Jeff Davis

Togetherness: Achieveing Sales and Marketing Alignment

The #1 way to connect with the modern b2b buyer and earn their business is to strategically align Sales and Marketing. 

The modern b2b buyer is digitally driven, socially connected, mobile, and empowered, with nearly unlimited access to information and people. They don’t care about your features and benefits. (that’s so 10 years ago)
Today’s modern buyer demands an amazing customer experience (CX) and help navigating their internal decision-making journey. The only way to achieve this is for Sales and Marketing to align forces and build a Revenue Engine. It’s called creating “togetherness.”


Attendees will leave this keynote transformed because they understand:


  • How to sell to the modern b2b buyer
  • The true cost of misalignment between Sales and Marketing
  • Why conflict between Sales and Marketing still exists
  • The new revenue funnel is non-linear
  • The 3 Pillars of Alignment Strategy
  • It’s all about revenue


I’m a marketer with the soul of a sales guy! 

Jeff Davis, Founder and CEO of JD2 Consulting Group, is a sales and marketing alignment expert that pulls from his over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development. He has seen this misalignment issue face-to-face at companies that range from large, global organizations to early-stage startups. Jeff works with companies that are ready to transform their misaligned sales and marketing teams into a cohesive Revenue Engine that can meet the needs of the modern buyer and drive growth for the company. He does this by helping leaders focus on his three pillars of alignment strategy – Data, Process, and Communication.
Jeff Davis has worked with many companies such as Salesforce, LinkedIn, Seismic, Oracle and more. He is also the executive producer and host of where he has the opportunity to have conversations focused on sales and marketing alignment strategy with leading voices in sales, marketing, leadership, psychology, neuroscience and other related areas of focus.
Jeff Davis’s most requested program is his keynote presentation on building a business case and framework for aligning sales and marketing titled “Creating Togetherness”. He is known for his unique style of pairing evidence-based research and real world experience to provide insights leaders can take action on to transform their business.  


Thoughts From The Crowd

Jeff is an excellent speaker and is extremely passionate about helping companies better understand sales and marketing alignment as he did at the Sales Intelligence. As an event organizer, it was more than a pleasure to welcome Jeff on stage!

- Marion, European Event Organizer

Jeff gave a passionate key note speech on Sales and Marketing Alignment. His enthusiasm comes through as he talks, which helps to relay the importance of his message. He provides tangible steps that will help your marketing and sales teams get on the same page. I look forward to executing on the strategies that Jeff helped me to formulate. If you get the opportunity to hear Jeff speak. Don’t miss it.

- Joe, Director

Trucking and Logistics Company

Jeff provided an engaging and thought-provoking discussion to our group that was worth every minute of my time. I left the session with ideas that could be immediately implemented in our sales and marketing.

- Donna, President

Digital Book Publishing Company

Jeff’s presentation style without a doubt keeps the attention of the audience. He has a great way of mixing together data and insights to inform the audience along with giving practical advice on what people should be doing differently

- Aurelien, Digital Marketing Manager

Paris-based Tech Company

Jeff Davis was instrumental in helping us formulate a sales plan and marketing strategy that was a good fit for our corporate personality and easy to implement for our startup. He also helped us form an approach to storytelling to drive our messages to key target customers.

- John, General Manager

CPG Company

If you want to go fast,
go alone. If you want to
go far, go together.

— African Proverb


Let’s create “togetherness” to drive
revenue growth!

My goal in coaching your business is simple. I want to help your team and leaders discover the impact of misalignment between Sales and Marketing and then become a strategic advisor in helping you develop the best strategies to achieve better alignment and revenue growth.

Hire Jeff Davis

I’m on a journey to align Sales and Marketing like never before. Join me in creating “togetherness” to help companies transform their business and increase collaboration. For speaking or coaching opportunities connect with me below.