Meet Jeff Davis

I’m a marketer with the soul of a sales guy! 

Jeff Davis, Founder and CEO of JD2 Consulting Group, is a sales and marketing alignment expert that pulls from his over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development. He has seen this misalignment issue face-to-face at companies that range from large, global organizations to early-stage startups. Jeff works with companies that are ready to transform their misaligned sales and marketing teams into a cohesive Revenue Engine that can meet the needs of the modern buyer and drive growth for the company. He does this by helping leaders focus on his three pillars of alignment strategy – Data, Process, and Communication.
Jeff Davis has worked with many companies such as Salesforce, LinkedIn, Seismic, Oracle and more. He is also the executive producer and host of where he has the opportunity to have conversations focused on sales and marketing alignment strategy with leading voices in sales, marketing, leadership, psychology, neuroscience and other related areas of focus.
Jeff Davis’s most requested program is his keynote presentation on building a business case and framework for aligning sales and marketing titled “Creating Togetherness”. He is known for his unique style of pairing evidence-based research and real world experience to provide insights leaders can take action on to transform their business.  


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I’m on a journey to align Sales and Marketing like never before. Join me in creating “togetherness” to help companies transform their business and increase collaboration. For speaking or coaching opportunities connect with me below.